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View of Ornans, Gustave Courbet

Architecture, Museums and Historic Monuments


We love BAUME-LES-MESSIEURS, situated in a fantastic "reculee" - a canyon dug by jurassic glaciers. Surrounded by the impressive Cirque de Baume, the old, middle-age abbaye stands in the tiny village founded in around 869. The early XI century benedictine abbey of Saint-Peter is the main sight and the XIII century abbey church is a mix of roman and gothic elements with remarkable decorative features.

Baume offers a great hike, beautiful waterfall and a visit of the grotto. From the cliffs at the 'belvedere des roches de Baume', Baume-les-Messieurs can be seen at the bottom of the gorges while Granges-sur-Baume can be seen in the distance above. Nearby are the spectacular Hérisson waterfalls, and the Foret de la Joux, it's walks lined with magnificent old pine trees. These splendidly scenic settings are great places to paint.

Middle Age Bridge near Le musee Courbet

CHATEAU CHALON in the middle of the Jura vinyard

View of Ornans, Gustave Courbet

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