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View of Ornans, Gustave Courbet

Architecture, Museums and Historic Monuments

Founded in 910, the Benedictine abbaye de Cluny was the cradle of reform that drastically changed western monastic tradition. By the XII century, Cluny's esteemed abbotts featured prominently in international politics, commanded an empire of 10,000 monks and answered directly to Rome.

The XIV century abbots residences of Jean de Bourbon and Jacques dAmboise remain in-tact as do the XVIII century convent buildings. The buildings house collections of remains and models of the former monastery and medieval village. These collections include marble columns form the sanctuary of the abbey church and their capitals, which are masterpieces of Romanesque sculpture.

Abbaye de Cluny

Middle Age Bridge near Le musee Courbet

CHATEAU CHALON in the middle of the Jura vinyard

View of Ornans, Gustave Courbet

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