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The Chateau de Parthey is built on the foundations of a Celtic site from the Bronze Age. Recent archeological digs unearthed a temple dedicated to a fertility goddess, built on a sacred spring still present.* Later, Romans occupied the place and their potteries, swords, bronze shields and marble columns have been unearthed here, especially on the north side of the park. XIV century Queen Mahaut d'Artois fortified the site in order to create, with other srongholds of the Jura, a defense for the city of Dole.** In the XVIII century, the Marquis de Reculot transformed the castle from fortified into a more gracious house. The oldest part of the house dates from the XIII century and the latest transformation, in the XIX century, was made by the famed architect Violet- Le- Duc, friend of the Marquis de Valdahon. Valdahon was a grand patron of the arts and with Violet- Le- Duc created a style contemporary for the time. The property was invested with a 50 acres parks "a L'anglaise" with rare essences of trees, ginkos, lebanon cedars, rocailles, and garden follies that still grace the landscape today.

Excerpts from Valdahon-Tarragon History

The Marquis Louis de Valdahon goes to the court of King Louis XIV at Versailles, pleading for the independence of Dole and Franche-Comté.

[archive of the house/.Paintings of the siege of Dole in the château de Chantilly, appartement of the Prince of Conde]

Jean- Remy, Comte de Tarragon at the siege of Savannah, Georgia, from October 1 to October 20, 1779. He wrote the only known diary of the siege. Major of the Dillon Division, he retired in 1786 after six campaigns in America. Decorated with the order of St Louis and invested with the order of Cincinnati. This is the direct forebear of the Comtesse Beatriz de Tarragon [97 years old today] and her daughter Marie-Christine.

[archive of the family./The Pechot Diary./The Southern Strategy by David.K.Wilson]

Comte de Valdahon, Grey Musqueteer, private guard of the Queen Marie Antoinette. Hero of a book written on his romantic adventure with the daughter of the terrible Marquis de Monnier, member of the Parliament of Dole. Valdahon married her and they had 6 children... Later the wife of the Marquis ran away with the Comte de Mirabeau taking refuge in the château de Joux.

Marquis Louis de Valdahon -Pierlot, nominated "Intendant de la maison de L' Impératrice", private counsel of the Impératrice Josephine, wife of Napoleon the 1st, and later of the Impératrice Eugenie, wife of Napoleon III.

[house archives and Painting of the Impératrice Josephine, donated by her to the family, now in the Musée Masséna in Nice]

Marquise de Fresquiennes in the XIXth century had a literary salon at the château de Parthey. Great friend of the famous painter Redoute ,who gave her painting lessons and was commisioned by the Impératrice Josephine to paint the flowers, especially roses, for her collection in her château de Malmaison. The sculptor Clesinger was a long time guest, as were Georges Sand, Corot, Courbet and many others.

Richard de Tarragon, sculptor, student of Pompom [musée des beaux-arts Dijon] and friend of the writer Cocteau, a frequent guest.

Marquis Jules Cesaire de Valdahon was a well known painter.[1749] HIs grand scale paintings in private collections and the cathedral of Dole.

Marie-Christine Maitre de Tarragon, sculptress and horsewoman, the owner. Her sons: Louis, writer and journalist and Jacques, designer and urbanist in Amsterdam.

Middle Age Bridge near Le musee Courbet

CHATEAU CHALON in the middle of the Jura vinyard

View of Ornans, Gustave Courbet

Our rustic food,

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