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Au Pays De Courbet


In The Steps Of Courbet

A Burial at Ornans, Gustave Courbet, 1851, oil on canvas, 315 x 660cm, Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France. Giraudon/Art Resource, NY

The summer of 2011 saw the grand opening of the Courbet museum after a 13 million euros renovation. Thanks to the efforts of the Senator Jeannerot, the Courbet house has been carefully restored. The XVIII century "Hotel de Champereux" and "the house Borel" have been added to the museum and now house the art collections. Le musée Courbet is situated in the village of Ornans on the bank of the charming river LOUE, which inspired the paintings of Corot.

Le musée Courbet à Ornans

After visiting the house of Courbet and Ornans, we retrace his steps in this Jura landscape where he created his masterpieces. Depending on your interests, we may arrange an instructor through the museum to join us in painting the same sceneries, or you may choose to take pictures or to just enjoy the sites. We are priviledged to have the full support of Senator Monsieur Jeannerot, and the curator of the musée Courbet, Madame Thomas Maurin.

Chateau de LODS along the Loue River

We like to canoe down the Loue river, taking in sight the great chateaux LODS, SCEY, Abbaye de MOUTHIERS and HAUTE-PIERRE. A pic-nic will be arranged somewhere along the way, where we will sip champagne "le Cremant du Jura".

View of Ornans, Gustave Courbet

Middle Age Bridge near Le musee Courbet

Middle Age Bridge near Le musee Courbet

CHATEAU CHALON in the middle of the Jura vinyard

View of Ornans, Gustave Courbet

Our rustic food,

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