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The Chateau de Parthey dates from the XIII century and has remained in the Valdahon-Tarragon family through the ages. The Valdahon-Tarragon family has been deeply involved with the history and culture of France over the course of the centuries. IThey fought for the Ducs of Burgundy and were crusaders in the middle -age. IAmong them, past and present, are army officers, diplomats, ambassadors, members of Parliament, painters, sculptors and the Last Cavalry Man, Comte CapitaineIJoseph de Tarragon, grandfather of Marie-Christine, your host and current owner of the chateau.I Comte J. de Tarragon was killed Oct. 20th, 1914,Iin the battlefield of Staden,Iwhere having three horses killed under him that day, he charged single-handedly a platoon of German dragoons surrounding his men and was decorated posthumously with the Legion of Honneur.

The legacy of artists at Château de Parthey began with the Marquis Jules Cesaire de Valdahon. A noted painter of his time, his large-scale work is still seen in the towering gothic cathedral of Dole nearby. His daughter, Marquise de Fresquiennes, held artistic salons in Parthey in the summer. Noted guests included the writer Georges Sand and the celebrated sculptor and painter Clesinger. Painters Corot and Redoute gave painting lessons at Parthey and Courbet often made the trip from Ornans for a visit. Famed architect Violet- Le- Duc, friend of the Marquis de Valdahon, made the most recent tranformation of the house in the XIX century. Valdahon was a grand patron of the arts and created with Violet- Le- Duc a style contemporary for the time. IHe invested the property with a 50 acres parks "a L'anglaise"Iwith rare essences of trees, ginkos, lebanon cedars, rocailles and garden follies that continue to grace the landscape today.

Middle Age Bridge near Le musee Courbet

The Parthey Foundation offers exceptional cultural experiences dedicated to a range of activities. Our beautiful, peaceful setting is two hours from Paris and Geneva, near the XVI century village of Dole. You will stay at Chateau de Parthey as guests of the owner, your host, Marie-Christine Maitre de Tarragon. The atmosphere is one of a family house filled with boundless creativity, deep history, gracious living and the warmest hospitality. With the benefit of her deep family roots, participants enjoy unparalleled immersion opportunity in the history, culture and lives of the Franche-Comté.

CHATEAU CHALON in the middle of the Jura vinyard

View of Ornans, Gustave Courbet

Our rustic food,

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